johnnyboys finds

johnnyboys finds

Saturday, January 31, 2015

London Knights Ice bucket set

Fans of  the O.H.L. team The  London Knights will love this complete Ice bucket set .Made by Mustang Dinkware  Inc.this specialty item  is no longer in production. This is a sealed and complete  set. Included in the box: 4-16 ounce pub glasses,12 coasters,metal opener and a metal ice bucket.

This is great for the bar or man cave and a must for London Knights fans!

Rare Vintage Nielsen DC Comics ,Super Hero ,JustIce League Pat Ons

This is a very rare set of vintage Nielsen  Pat Ons .These badges (crest, iron ons) are from the early 70's.
All of the badges are of  DC Comics Superhero's  and all of them spent time in The Justice League First up is Batman 

The Flash
Green Arrow
Hawk Man
   Each badge is sealed  in their original package and are in mint condition.All of these super dudes measures in at just over 4 inches tall. Truly a  very rare and kool find If your a fan of  DC Comics these patches are a definite must   

Vintage 1971 THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY Board Game

 The Partridge Family board game from 1971 and it's the Canadian version.Hell it was made in my back yard, London Ontario. This is a rare and complete game  that is a must for fans and collectors of the family.The show ran on ABC from 1970 to 74 .Loosely based on the real band The Cowsills .The Partridge Family went on to sell millions of records,however the only cast members in the band were David Cassidy and Shirley Jones. Cassidy as we known became a teen idol .

   Partridge Family memorabilia is very much sought afterr and rarelyis in  good condition This game is in excellent condition with the box in fair to good condition.  C'mon Get Happy by playing the game !

Saturday, January 24, 2015


 Considered by many to be Heineken most classic advertising piece from the  1960's.This is truly a rare find,   especially in this great of condition .  The Dutch boy , smoking his trusty cob pipe and the giant bottle of Heineken make for an impressive sight Originally this was the Heineken back bar counter advertising  display/sign and came out in 1962.

real heavy weight as it measures in at just under 18 " tall andcome wide at 6.5 inches and the length is just under 14 inches .This is a must for collectors of Heineken and advertisement.

Lets just say this is a real gem

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Vintage Elvis Presley Stickers

That's right 2 vintage Elvis stickers for fans of The King.These puppies are from the late 70's and really are pretty kool. Both are in excellent condition  and a must for the Elvis fan.What else can you say ,TCB baby!

1987 California Raisins Plastic Lunchbox with Thermos


From 1987 a mint condition  California Raisins Plastic Lunchbox with Thermos. Love them or hate them  The California Raisins were and are what they are and still hugely popular . What started out as an add campaign for the California Raisins Advisory Board in 1986 and ballooned into one of the craziest  and most successful campaigns ever. From album to toys ,clothes  and pretty well everything else. This stuff was everywhere .
   In  1997 Entertainment Weekly published "The 50 Best Commercials of All Time" as its cover story. The article ranked The California Raisins' premiere advertisement, "Lunchbox," at #15 with comments by ad agency executive Claude Jacques and described the Raisins as "The coolest wrinkled musicians this side of the Stones".  A must for fans and collectors of the Raisins.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

1982 Stater Mint ,Calgary Flames Dollars Set

You can  probably say  this is a must if your a fan of the Calgary Flames.This is a complete set in mint condition 1982 Stater Mint Calgary Flames Dollars Set. The 6 players are Lanny McDonald, Mel Bridgman, Don Edwards (G), Paul Reinhart, Kent Nilsson, and Jim Peplinski. 

 Each Medallion measures 1 1/2" in diameter, is made of Cupronickel (25% Nickel/75% Copper)  and comes in it's own individual plastic display case.Also included is a  brief history of the Flames and player biographies.Now hard to find and rare some of these sets have fetched over 200 bucks .It's been awhile for Calgary Flames fans have had something to cheer about ,so maybe this will help.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Vintage Tiki God Ku Bookends

 Bookends that make a  bold statement, big,fierce vintage and just plain kool . Rare and unique set of wooden bookends of the Tiki God Ku ( god of war). Hand craved and from the late 50's /early 60's.These puppies are in damn fine condition and stand tall at 10 inches by 4 inches wide.

    The bookends are from Hawaii and are made out of  Koa wood  and each of the ends has a 3 stamped on their  bottoms.Great for any Hawaiian and/or Tiki themed room and your Tiki bar.