johnnyboys finds

johnnyboys finds

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Vintage Nude Blonde Light

 This tiny beauty  created quite the buzz  when it landed at Jackpot Vintage . A good friend of mine went all the way to North Bay too grab her for me.She still lights up (you have to turn her on), stands about 6" tall and is in great condition , as you can see.The previous owner says she dates back to the 60's .A true vintage blonde

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Masonic/Shriner BoloTies

Masonic/Shriner BoloTies  from the 70's .These puppy's are pretty sharp and rich in detail .If your a fan of bolos  and or the Masons/ Shriners you'll dig these vintage western ties.     

Coffin Lid

What we have here is a old fashion Coffin Lid and yes it's made from pine barn boards.This baby measures up at 4' 9" by 23". The skeleton is craved in  and painted white and has a nice weathered look .Don't know the age but the guy I took it from wasn't needing it anymore and really didn't put up a fight.      

Pair of ceramic Pink Flamingos

 Gotta love them !Pair of ceramic Pink Flamingos that I managed  to capture at a market in  Brantford  These beauties stand in at 12 inches for one and 6 inches for the other .They are in mint condition and looking for a good home

DuMaurier Clock

Advertising clock for DuMaurier cigarettes made by C.K. Manufacturing Ltd., Montreal QC. The clock works  and is excellent condition .Also this design is in the Canadian Clock Museum.As far as I can tell, it is from the 80's.

The Rattlesnake Mug

   One hella kool  Rattlesnake mug that was found at a yard sale .The lady told me it gave her the creeps and she wanted out her house .The mug stands 6 inches tall  with the handle coming in at 8 inches .This baby is designed by Gaham.

Praying to the Bird God

Jean AndrĂ© Castaigne (1860-1929)  "Praying to the Bird God", signed and dated 'New York 1896 in the plate lower left, chromolithograph, 35.6 x 25.4cm (14 x10in) This really is pretty kool and rare.