johnnyboys finds

johnnyboys finds

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Spider-Man Jack In The Box 2005

Just a freakin' kool toy  and a must for fans of the web slinger .This baby is four sides of vintage Spider-Man  madness and plays the theme from the  1967 Spider-Man cartoon as you crank the handle around. The front of the box features the  cover of Amazing Fantasy #15.Yes this is the Steve Ditko era Spidy in all his glory and it really works .

  Made of tin and swings in at a height of 5.5 inches but when Spidy pops up ,he towers in at just under 11 inches.Made by the Schylling Company in 2005 ,this is a Marvel licensed  product that is very hard to find  let alone in mint condition ,which this one is.

   You just know this  retro puppy won't last long in the store,it really is pretty sweet! Check out the you tube video

Monday, October 20, 2014

1975 Green Glass 7 UP THE UNCOLA Salt & Pepper Shakers

 The Uncola  released this fine product onto the public in 1975 cause everybody needs a set of salt and pepper  shakers. These promo babies ran out for the  end of "See the Light"  and the start of "It's 7 Up, it's Uncola" ad campaigns.Made of green glass(yeah I know you can see) and stand just under 4 inches tall.The plastic lids have not yellowed  however the shakers where made in Taiwan  and  Westinghouse,  7 Up's owners,at the time  were not happy with the product as all the glass had imperfections.As a result there is really  no mint sets of the shakers .Westinghouse bought 7 Up in 1969 and sold it in 1978 to Philip Morris.

 So if your a 7up drinker and or collector this rare set is a nifty must have. Bottom line is, this  kool 70's advertisement for an iconic brand . Hell they also will look great in  your kitchen!  

Vintage Automah. Radio Model 55

One hell of a sharp  vintage radio that not only looks great but also works  This turquoise classic  is Canadian made by Automatic Radio of Canada, Ltd. They where  located at  56 The Esplanade in Toronto. Automatic was a major independent radio manufacturer. They made a wide range of  radios for home use, and even a few TV models in the late 1940's and early 1950's.One of their main product lines was aftermarket auto radios in the 1950's and 60's and they also made radios for other private brads.

As you can see this beauty is a tube radio so you know it predates 1954.Transistors were not invented until 1947 and did not start to replace tubes in radios until 1954.I had too really haggle to grab this kool puppy and it's one of those pieces you don't see that often.Hell it's hard to find info on it .Have to say it's in excellent condition  and measures in at 6 inches by 9 1/4 inches by 4 inches deep at it's wides.Who wouldn't want this baby!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Star Trek The Next Generation Starship Enterprise Glider

 Sometimes  at an auction  you bid  on a lot for one specific item, you win it but the lot has a lot of  crap,items you don't want. Believe me rarely does a lot have a hidden treasure buried in it.Well  this  "Starship Enterprise Glider" was at the bottom of a box(in a 2 box lot) and no one,including us bothered to dig through the boxes.Hell the boxes had a couple of more kool surprises also.Anyway this  "Star Trek: The Next Generation"  Starship Enterprise Glider is kinda kool and off beat .Produced by Playmates in 1993,this is the collectors edition  and is # 42833 of a limited run .The box is opened and has some wear  but as you can it's all there and still sealed

Apparently this puppy can fly up to 40 feet  as advertised  and is a must for Star Trek: The Next Generation fans.Long out of production and kinda of forgotten about have made this a sought after toy by fans of the TV show.Sometimes it pays to dig deep!      

Vintage Labatt's 50 Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Kool vintage piece of  collectable Labatt 50 memorabilia  from the 70's that's a must for lovers of Labatt's 50.This wall mounted bottle opener has a bit of wear but is still in damn good condition .Collector's of Labatt's 50 merchandise/ promo stuff know just how rare and hard to find these items are .So that makes this a pretty sweet find .Perfect for your bar, your man cave or hell even the kitchen! This beauty measures in at 13 inches by 5.25 inches and is made of pine .Oh and proudly made in Canada,sadly something you don't here enough today!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Vintage Wheaties Advertisement Sid Gordon 1949 and Vern Stephens 1949

This is a kool find ,2 framed vintage  print ads for General Mills "Wheaties-The Breakfast of Champions"/ "Champions start young"  print ad campaign  in 1949.The ads ran in American newspapers and in many magazines including "Life". These are the original ads  not reprints and are framed .The 2 ads are in mint condition .Definite eye catchers. 

      Sid Gordon  ad measures 12" by 16"

Vern Stephens  ad measures  12.5" by 16.5"

"Breakfast of Champions" kool enough for Kurt Vonnegut probably kool enough for you 

Vintage North Star Running Shoes

If your a Canuck  growing up in the seventy's I'm willing to bet you had at least one pair  of these baby's.North Star runners were the shoe of choice in Canada from the early 70's to the mid 80's .Hell your parents probably made you wear them .This was a running shoe that everyone  could afford  As you can see these puppies are the 70's blue really kool suede runners .They have never been worn-in and are mint .

 Bata Corporation originally founded North Star in the late 1940’s in Batawa, Ontario Canada. They created the Design 38 model and line in the early 70's, which generations now know as the iconic Jogger style runner .Despite been Canadian , North Stars were not sold in Canada  for over 30 years.However  you could pick up a new pair  in Asia or South America  during that time.The North Star line was reborn here in Canada only a couple years ago in 2012.This is a real slice of vintage and iconic Canadiana.


Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Vintage Lunar Moon Globe

     Some of you may remember moon  globes from your younger days back in the late 60's and early 70's .These were kinda of kool education tool .The moon was a really big deal  for kids back then.Anyway this baby was produced by  Replogle Globes. Division of Meredith 1970,the globe is made of Tin, is 6 inches,stands about 8.5 inchs tall,spins great and is in excellent condition. Great for the desk or just for conversation.An out of this world find and nifty Lunar fun!!

Vintage 1978 Heileman's Old Style Beer Sign/Light

Sometimes you have things unexpectedly come into your grasp, like this Vintage 1978 Heileman's Old Style Beer welcome bar light sign.This is one sharp and crisp sign that is a highly collectable piece from the A.G.Heileman Brewing Company (1858-1996) way before Stroh's bought them out This puppy  measures  in at 15 3/4 inches tall by 11 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches deep and is in excellent condition . Perfect for your bar and/or man cave, hell even for the lady cave !! Here is a link to some info on the A.G Heileman Brewing Company