johnnyboys finds

johnnyboys finds

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Vintage North Star Running Shoes

If your a Canuck  growing up in the seventy's I'm willing to bet you had at least one pair  of these baby's.North Star runners were the shoe of choice in Canada from the early 70's to the mid 80's .Hell your parents probably made you wear them .This was a running shoe that everyone  could afford  As you can see these puppies are the 70's blue really kool suede runners .They have never been worn-in and are mint .

 Bata Corporation originally founded North Star in the late 1940’s in Batawa, Ontario Canada. They created the Design 38 model and line in the early 70's, which generations now know as the iconic Jogger style runner .Despite been Canadian , North Stars were not sold in Canada  for over 30 years.However  you could pick up a new pair  in Asia or South America  during that time.The North Star line was reborn here in Canada only a couple years ago in 2012.This is a real slice of vintage and iconic Canadiana.


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