johnnyboys finds

johnnyboys finds

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Spider-Man Jack In The Box 2005

Just a freakin' kool toy  and a must for fans of the web slinger .This baby is four sides of vintage Spider-Man  madness and plays the theme from the  1967 Spider-Man cartoon as you crank the handle around. The front of the box features the  cover of Amazing Fantasy #15.Yes this is the Steve Ditko era Spidy in all his glory and it really works .

  Made of tin and swings in at a height of 5.5 inches but when Spidy pops up ,he towers in at just under 11 inches.Made by the Schylling Company in 2005 ,this is a Marvel licensed  product that is very hard to find  let alone in mint condition ,which this one is.

   You just know this  retro puppy won't last long in the store,it really is pretty sweet! Check out the you tube video

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