johnnyboys finds

johnnyboys finds

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Star Trek The Next Generation Starship Enterprise Glider

 Sometimes  at an auction  you bid  on a lot for one specific item, you win it but the lot has a lot of  crap,items you don't want. Believe me rarely does a lot have a hidden treasure buried in it.Well  this  "Starship Enterprise Glider" was at the bottom of a box(in a 2 box lot) and no one,including us bothered to dig through the boxes.Hell the boxes had a couple of more kool surprises also.Anyway this  "Star Trek: The Next Generation"  Starship Enterprise Glider is kinda kool and off beat .Produced by Playmates in 1993,this is the collectors edition  and is # 42833 of a limited run .The box is opened and has some wear  but as you can it's all there and still sealed

Apparently this puppy can fly up to 40 feet  as advertised  and is a must for Star Trek: The Next Generation fans.Long out of production and kinda of forgotten about have made this a sought after toy by fans of the TV show.Sometimes it pays to dig deep!      

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