johnnyboys finds

johnnyboys finds

Saturday, January 17, 2015

1987 California Raisins Plastic Lunchbox with Thermos


From 1987 a mint condition  California Raisins Plastic Lunchbox with Thermos. Love them or hate them  The California Raisins were and are what they are and still hugely popular . What started out as an add campaign for the California Raisins Advisory Board in 1986 and ballooned into one of the craziest  and most successful campaigns ever. From album to toys ,clothes  and pretty well everything else. This stuff was everywhere .
   In  1997 Entertainment Weekly published "The 50 Best Commercials of All Time" as its cover story. The article ranked The California Raisins' premiere advertisement, "Lunchbox," at #15 with comments by ad agency executive Claude Jacques and described the Raisins as "The coolest wrinkled musicians this side of the Stones".  A must for fans and collectors of the Raisins.

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