johnnyboys finds

johnnyboys finds

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hawk Silly Surfers -Hodad Makin the Scene- Model Kit 2006

The way kool  "Hodad Makin the Scene" model kit was originally part of the Hawk's Silly Surfers line. Released in conjunction with  The "Weird-Oh's"  and "Frantics"  lines  way back in 1963 .The original Frantics and Silly Surfers were envisioned by Reuben Klamer, Bob Allen and Mel Shaw. Hell the line believe it or not was the spark that lead  to the creation  of the far out surf band  Mr. Gasser and the Weirdos.What we have here is a factory sealed, in awesome condition of "Hodad Makin the Scene". This is one of the 2006 reissues .   
Here is an opened box to show you the contents  and a finished version Dig it! and Surf's Up Baby

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